Coronavirus reinfections, though rare, are likelier in people 65 and older, a new study found.

The study — published Wednesday by the Lancet medical journal and conducted by a group of scientists, some from Denmark’s Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology and Prevention in Copenhagen — pointed out most people who have had the coronavirus seem to have solid protection from reinfection for six months or longer, CNN reported.

In the follow-up six months later, the study didn’t find evidence that the protection diminished, but a check of the reinfected people found they were mostly 65 and older.

The scientists examined the reinfection rate among four million people during the second coronavirus surge from September through Dec. 31, and compared this to the infection rate during the first surge between March and May. Of the 11,068 people who tested positive during the first surge, only 72 tested positive again during the second, CNN reported.

With this body of evidence, Dr. Steen Ethelberg of the Statens Serum Institut in Copenhagen, said anti-coronavirus are key to preventing reinfections.

“Given what is at stake, the results emphasize how important it is that people adhere to measures implemented to keep themselves and others safe, even if they already had COVID-19,” Ethelberg said, CNN reported.

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