Pregnant women aren’t at greater risk of miscarriage by getting a COVID-19 vaccine, according to a pair of studies published this week.

One of the studies, conducted by a team at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, analyzed agency data from 2,000 pregnant women who subsequently got vaccinated. The study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found no higher risk among these women than for pregnant women overall, CNN reported.

In another study, Dr. Elyse Kharbanda of HealthPartners Institute of Minneapolis and her colleagues looked at different CDC data from 105,000 pregnancies in the U.S. and also concluded that the vaccines don’t make miscarriages any likelier.

The group’s findings, presented to the Journal of the American Medical Association, were consistent for both of the two-shot Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, but not enough pregnant women got the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine for them to properly determine its risk, CNN reported.

The CDC last month recommended that pregnant people get the COVID-19 vaccine.

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