The Cuban government is ready for dialogue and discussion with the new United States administration led by President Joe Biden, said the Spanish-speaking island’s senior envoy in Jamaica.

“We are talking about our sovereignty, and our independence, but if the new U.S. administration is ready to talk, we are ready,” stated Cuba’s Ambassador to Jamaica Ines Fors Fernandez in a recent interview with the Jamaica Observer.

“A fluent relationship between Cuba and the United States favors not only Cuba, but also the U.S. During the Obama administration, we signed more than 20 agreements or memorandum of understanding in several areas including health, agriculture, environment, so it gives you an idea of cooperation. A dialogue with Cuba and the United States is possible, but there should be no interference with Cuban principles,” the ambassador suggested.

Cuba and the U.S. have been at odds since the Cuban Revolution led by Fidel Castro and the overthrow of fascist dictator Fulgencio Batista, then-president of Cuba.

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