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Describing itself as the first immigrant and cultural center for the Nigerian diaspora in the United States, The Nigerian Center was established to provide a connection to the Nigerian culture while offering financial inclusion and social justice opportunities for members of the Nigerian American community in the United States.

Located at 1231 Good Hope Road SE, “The center curates cultural programs for first-generation Nigerian-Americans and will support newly arrived immigrants with culturally sensitive transition and self-sufficiency opportunities,” according to information on its website.

The Nigerian Center also “aims to complement and amplify the efforts of community-based nonprofits serving the African immigrant community in the United States.” 

Additionally, it also provides “a platform for members of the African diaspora to learn about their Nigerian heritage while connecting them to the current Nigerian American culture in the United States.” 

The Nigerian Center was founded by Gbenga Ogunjimi, an expert storyteller who has worked with the governments of the U.S. and several emerging countries to empower profit and nonprofit leaders. 

On May 25, the Center sponsored an Immigration Rights Workshop featuring Attorney Kodwo Ewusi, founder of Fibi Law Firm who in 2006 started practicing immigration law, representing numerous pharmaceutical companies, IT companies, and individuals before federal agencies, immigration courts and appellate courts.

An advertisement about the virtual event said it would “discuss immigration policies that have changed since the last administration and will shine a light on new opportunities for identifying pathways for permanent residency status in the U.S.”

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  1. Glory to God Almighty for creating this timely and most need pathway to connect, build and move forward to a brighter and more promising future for all of us Nigerians, home and abroad. May we honestly utilize this platform and opportunity for growth, good and benefit for all. Amen!

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