(CIO) – Many consumers are interested in ditching their pricey cable contracts for à la carte offerings via streaming services. At first the online choices were limited, but more and more services are springing up, creating a whole new class of TV watchers called “cord cutters” — people who dump cable and satellite in favor of content streamed online.

I’ve written positively about this trend before, but it’s starting to look like cord cutting will be more expensive than I’d hoped, at least at first.

Apple and HBO announced on Monday that the programming giant will offer its streaming service, HBO Now, on Apple devices for $15 a month. That sounds like a reasonable price, but you’re not going to stop with HBO, are you?

HBO doesn’t give you sports (except for the occasional boxing match), news or “Justified,” to name a few of my must-haves. So you’ll have to find a streaming service that carries them. If you cobble together enough of these streaming services, and continue to pay for the required broadband connection, you could quickly wind up paying just as much as you do for cable.


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