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D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, joined by Office of Planning Director Andrew Trueblood, released this week the “Mayor’s Housing Equity Report” and the District’s draft “Comprehensive Plan” proposal, aimed at establishing D.C. among the first cities in the nation to create area-specific goals for affordable housing.

The Office of Planning and Department of Housing and Community Development collaborated to produce the Housing Equity Report, which provides an analysis of current affordable housing distribution, while proposing specific targets to achieve, by 2025, Mayor Bowser’s bold goal of building 36,000 new homes, including 12,000 homes affordable to low-income residents.

“What both the Housing Equity Report and the updated Comprehensive Plan recognize is that housing is a citywide challenge that requires citywide solutions,” Bowser said. “Washington, D.C., will continue to change – we can be sure of that. These plans are focused on how we manage that change and balance competing interests in order to ensure a vibrant, equitable, and resilient city, not only for us, but for our children and grandchildren.”

In addition, Bowser’s Comp Plan proposal — a high-level guiding document that sets a positive, long-term vision for the District — is divided into 25 elements as well as Future Land Use and Generalized Policy maps.

“Mayor Bowser recognizes the urgency of addressing housing affordability and opportunity,” Trueblood said. “She has pushed the District to use all of our affordable housing tools to ensure an economically diverse future. With the Comprehensive Plan and the Housing Equity Report, we can be intentional about how and where we change, and how we balance competing interests in order to ensure a vibrant, equitable and resilient city for our future.”

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