A prominent D.C.-area cardiologist warns athletes of a heart disease induced by the novel coronavirus that could have grave medical consequences.

Dr. M. Casey Flanagan of the Falls Church, Va.-based Inova Heart and Vascular Institute said he and fellow cardiologists have noticed myocarditis trending among athletes recovering from the coronavirus and wants to counsel them on how it should be treated so they won’t develop serious heart muscle damage.

“If you just tested positive because you had a screen, you don’t need testing prior to resumption of exercise,” Flanagan said on WJLA-TV’s “Good Morning Washington.” “But if you’ve had moderate to severe symptoms, difficulty breathing, systemic symptoms like fever, chills, myalgia, we recommend you see a cardiologist and get some testing prior to exercising.”

Flanagan, who has worked with both professional and amateur athletes, said he hasn’t needed to recommend any lengthy post-coronavirus restrictions for any athletes, but some other cardiologists have, WJLA reported.

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