The Dodge Hornet is featured at the 2023 Washington, D.C. Auto Show. (D.R. Barnes/The Washington Informer)
The Dodge Hornet is featured at the 2023 Washington, D.C. Auto Show. (D.R. Barnes/The Washington Informer)

Thousands of people have visited the Washington, D.C. Auto Show 2023 since its opening on Jan. 20 at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Northwest to see the latest models of vehicles and learn about developments in the automotive industry.

“The Washington, D.C. Auto Show is one of the most anticipated annual events on our convention center’s calendar,” said D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser. “Enthusiasts from around all eight wards of our city, our region, the country and in fact, the world, attend to keep up with the newest models of their favorite cars, brand new offerings, beautifully restored historic vehicles, and pioneering and avant-garde exhibits. They also appreciate conversations with fellow car aficionados eager to absorb and enjoy all that is new in transportation design, engineering and innovation.”

In the upper level of the convention center, automobile companies such as Ford, Subaru, Chevrolet, Toyota, Kia, Nissan and Stellantis showcased their latest models on lowly-elevated platforms with a company spokesperson explaining the buying of their vehicles. Nearby the showcased vehicle are other brand vehicles in which attendees could hop in, look at the dashboard and other offerings.

On the convention center’s lower level, companies such as Hyundai, Lexus, Honda, Acura and Volvo showed their newest models. The level also featured such vendors as the Mustang Club, Cadillac-LaSalle Club as well as the Electric Vehicles Pavilion and a section dedicated to commercial vehicles. Outside of the convention center, companies such as Toyota had vehicles available for attendees to test drive.

Throughout the week, attendees had the chance to listen to speakers representing the automotive industry discuss the latest developments in design and public policy.

Damien Tymes of Accokeek, Maryland, attended the auto show on Jan. 21 with his family, including a 1-year-old in a carriage.

“This is the perfect place to see the latest cars and the new models,” Tymes, 42, said. “So far, I am impressed with the Sequoia, the new Supra, the Genesis 380 and the BMW. I have been to a lot of auto shows, especially the one in Chicago, but I have to say that I am impressed with this one. This one is packed with people.”

Tay Johnson, a resident of northwest D.C., also came to the auto show on Jan. 21 with her elementary school-aged children.

“I am here with my family,” Johnson, 34, said. “I like cars. My son also likes cars. I wanted to see what is available.”

Johnson spoke of wanting to purchase a vehicle and like Tymes, complimented the attendance.

“I like the atmosphere here,” she said. “There are so many people.”

The auto show ends on Jan. 29.

James Wright Jr.

James Wright Jr. is the D.C. political reporter for the Washington Informer Newspaper. He has worked for the Washington AFRO-American Newspaper as a reporter, city editor and freelance writer and The Washington...

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