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Pepco has received the approval of the Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia to proceed with a 15-year agreement for the purchase of solar energy for its customers in the city.

The agreement has been made with Invenergy for 73 megawatts of solar energy — enough power to fuel 13,850 normal homes — and associated solar energy renewable credits that supports Pepco’s effort to give D.C. customers more clean and renewable energy.

The agreement is the largest-ever purchase of solar energy between the District and Pepco. It also puts the city on track of its goal to have all of Pepco’s energy supplied to resident customers be of the renewable type by 2032.

“This solar energy purchase is a perfect example of our broader effort to support the District’s leading clean energy and climate goals,” said Rodney Oddoye, Pepco Holdings’ senior vice president of regulatory, governmental and external affairs. “From partnering with our customers to interconnect their local solar with the local energy grid and connecting our customers with community solar opportunities through the District’s Solar for All program, to the community solar facility recently installed at our own Benning Service Center, we are helping advance solar and other clean-energy opportunities for our customers and communities in many different ways.”

Additionally, Pepco said its Climate Solutions Plan will allow residents and neighborhoods to utilize renewable sources in an equitable, affordable and inclusive manner while driving innovation and resilience.

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