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Juror Appreciation Week is underway in D.C.

Juror Appreciation Week was first instituted by the Council for Court Excellence in 1990 to impress upon District residents the importance of jury duty. The court will be working in concert with the Council for Court Excellence, the Washington Bar Association, the Trial Lawyers Association for Metropolitan Washington, and the Bar Association of the District of Columbia for juror recognition.

Throughout the week, Superior Court judges will speak to jurors who have been summoned for petit jury service and express their gratitude to them and all citizens who have previously served on juries like that as well as grand juries in the District.

The week will culminate Friday with Superior Court Chief Judge Anita Josey-Herring addressing jurors and thanking each of them for their service.

Other commemorative activities are planned during the week at the H. Carl Moultrie Courthouse in northwest Washington.

“Because of the pandemic, some potential jurors may be reluctant to serve, or may be unaware of recent improvements in court procedure to support jury service,” said Court of Council Excellence Executive Director Misty Thomas. “Therefore, it is more important than ever to let jurors know their service is vital and valued by the entire community.”

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