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D.C. health officials announced Friday that the last day of operations for the city’s COVID centers will be March 31.

The decision to close the COVID centers comes amid a significant drop in the city’s coronavirus cases, high vaccination uptake, and an increase in the availability of vaccines and testing kits for at-home use.

The District’s decision mirrors actions at the federal level and at jurisdictions across the country.

City officials set up the COVID centers in January 2022 to provide residents with free and easy access to coronavirus vaccines, testing and masks. Presently, these items are available at most pharmacies, physician offices, and other community locations.

Data from D.C. Health shows that the city’s COVID centers have distributed more than one million masks, more than 80,000 doses of the virus vaccine, boosters and flu shots, more than 400,000 rapid antigen coronavirus testing kits, and nearly 40,000 PCR tests.

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