As the D.C. Council adjourns for summer recess, a growing coalition of businesses and residents encourages the governing body to allow more time to study the effects of workplace legislation that they say would hurt the local economy and job growth.

The coalition was formed to provide the 13-member council with data, reports and recommendations to ensure that legislative proposals lead to lower unemployment rates among D.C. residents.

“This year alone, the Council has considered regulations telling local business how to pay, schedule, and provide leave to their employees, all at the cost to the employers,” said Angela Franco, president and CEO of the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. “Many within the business community fear that more regulatory legislation is on the horizon once the D.C. Council returns in September.”

Solomon Keene Jr., president and CEO of Hotel Association of Washington, D.C., said that “while each of these laws may have their own merits, collectively and cumulatively they are putting the city’s jobs, taxes and economy at risk,”

Jim Dinegar, president and CEO of the Greater Washington Board of Trade, called the Council’s pause on the issue a “wise move.”

“Our coalition encourages them to use the remainder of the summer to work with the business community and employees to craft legislation that works for everyone,” he said.

Coalition members include the Greater Washington Board of Trade, Federal City Council, DC Chamber of Commerce, DC Building Industry Association, Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Washington Parking Association and Hotel Association of Washington, D.C. Additional coalition members include the small business, local restaurant and university communities.

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