**FILE** Trayon White (Roy Lewis/The Washington Informer)
**FILE** Trayon White (Roy Lewis/The Washington Informer)

D.C. Council member Trayon White revealed Friday on his Instagram and Facebook accounts that he has contracted the coronavirus.

“I have tested positive for COVID-19,” said the Ward 8 Democrat, who is also running for mayor. “We are getting too many calls about COVID outbreaks. Yesterday, we had 508 positive cases, the most we had in D.C. in one day since the pandemic started. Our kids and families are not safe. We need to shut it back down and should not be unmasking. It’s flu season and the holiday season.”

White’s Chief of Staff Wanda Lockridge said Friday that no additional information was currently available beyond the councilman’s statement.

White was among the council members who opposed Mayor Muriel Bowser’s decision to lift the city’s indoor mask mandate in November. He has had an active public schedule lately, attending the Wards 7 and 8 faith leaders’ breakfast at the Our Lady of Perpetual Help Catholic Church on Saturday as well as holding a news conference on traffic issues on Wheeler Road SE and making an appearance at the Mayor’s Senior Holiday Luncheon on Wednesday.

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  1. We wish CM Trayon White a swift recovery—with many prayers. Now is a critical time to examine Mayor Bowser’s COVID19 policies— not only about masking but about whether it’s safe to have large indoor events—especially those sponsored by DC Government. For example: would’ve been prudent to cancel the annual Dept of Aging Senior Christmas Party—this year attended by 3,000 people—INC CM Trayon, many other City Council members, & thousands of seniors. Quite risky at this moment in the ever changing Covid pandemic!

  2. The Mayor dropped the ball, why would you say you can take the mask off . Shut the schools back down these kids are getting sick. Pay essential works hazardous pay. I risk my life everyday concerned about contracting Covid but my job don’t care the Mayor don’t care and people are continuing to get sick. Mask up, keep them on. Even if you are exposed they want you at work no one is doing quarantine just getting tested and back to work before you even really know if you positive. I’m scared along with others who do care please mandate wearing the mask.

  3. I wish Council member Trayon White good health and all the protection against COVID-19 possible. Anise Jenkins, Executive Director, Stand Up! for Democracy in DC (standup_freedc@yahoo.com)

  4. My name is Debra Scarborough Drummond, October and November I call Mayor Bowser Office, Councilman Vincent Gray Office, DCPS Superintendent Office, spoke with a COVID Specialist Andrew Brown, Whur I spoke on Frank Ski and Nia Brown show, I went on Facebook Live, informing people how COVID was rapidly spreading in the DCPS school/ schools where my 4, 5 and 6 years old grandsons attends, 2 of them contracted Covid only being in school less then 2 months, no one contact me, no virtual learning after be home for a month, bad information was given to me. Now that at polician has contracted COVID they are asking for schools to close when this should have happened at the beginning of schools emails was sent to me weekly when the school open informing me on a weekly base about the covid cases at Aiton Elementary, once I spoke out the emails stop coming but there continue to be a rise in the Covid case at this school. I have custody of my grandsons and I worry about their health especially the 4 year old because he has asthma and was In the hospital when he was 7 months old for 2 weeks with RSVP. Mayor Bowser need to close the school and stop experimenting with our children. It appears that Ward 7 where I live and Ward 8 are always the last place politicians will do anything for our community and schools system, teachers, school bus drivers are getting sick, there are shortages of custodians that means the school are not clean. Parents are being told if you don’t send your child/ children to school you can be investigated by CFSA for educational neglect this is sad but they are risking our children lives and their parents, grandparents legal guardians, everyone wants to point finger but can’t fix the problems

  5. Hi Councilman White,before the covid outbreak shared my design Call the Wingback Cellar phone Chair , Housing construction of Copper, Copper Kills GERMS from hands to Cellar phone Plastic house covid GERMS, I shared a few prototypes with your staff.i met a Copper sculptor on MLK , Venters displays their products, we come to Terms for prototypes for mass production, but covid slow that process down. The Wingback Copper usage like washing hands constantly….here’s a hint VP Harris took the Hint and Purchased Some copper cookware…..a made arrangements for the Fleming Senior to craft my Products, Alls the Senior Wellening Center MLK, The products will help the spread of the Covid, from Constant Cellar phone Usage..Thanks.oh the Fleming Senior center is in BALTIMORE, same I grew up in Community of Mrs . Henrietta Lacks ‘HeLa Cells’

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