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D.C.’s Department of Health Care Finance, which serves as the city’s state-level Medicaid agency, has launched a public awareness campaign stressing to beneficiaries that they renew their health coverage and update their contact information.

The campaign will operate under the title of Medicaid Renewal. Starting on April 1 and continuing through June 1, 2024, Medicaid beneficiaries will be mandated to renew health coverage for themselves and their families.

This is the first time the mandate has been issued since March 2020. A public health emergency was declared by the Bowser administration in March 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Before the emergency was declared, Medicaid beneficiaries renewed their coverage at least every 12 months.

D.C. officials said 300,000 beneficiaries participate in Medicaid.

The first part of the Medicaid Renewal campaign — “Don’t Wait to Update!” — is designed to remind beneficiaries to update their contact information by using the District Direct web portal. Anyone needing assistance filling out the form can call 202-727-5355.

The other part will consist of neighborhood and citywide events as well as virtual meetings hosted by the DHCF. Additionally, a stakeholder communications toolkit to assist outreach for community-based organizations, government agencies, and others will be available.

“Through the Medicaid Renewal process, we are committed to ensuring District residents have the information and support they need to renew their benefits and that everyone eligible for Medicaid stays covered,” said Wayne Turnage, deputy mayor for health and human services and director of DHCF. “For others, we will work with healthcare advocates and stakeholders to find alternative coverage. Our goal is to prevent anyone from falling through the cracks, particularly some of our most vulnerable residents, such as people with disabilities or those experiencing homelessness.”

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