DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson has led a citywide engagement campaign to set the vision for the schools system's future. (Courtesy of DCPS)
DCPS Chancellor Antwan Wilson has led a citywide engagement campaign to set the vision for the schools system's future. (Courtesy of DCPS)

In 2012, DCPS launched its ambitious five-goal strategic plan — known as the Capital Commitment. Five years later, increases have been recorded in the areas of academic performance, graduation rates, enrollment and student satisfaction.

Over the past several months, Chancellor Antwan Wilson led a citywide engagement campaign to set a new vision for DCPS’ future. Having heard from more than 3,000 students, parents, educators, partners, and community members, who shared their experiences from every ward and every school, DCPS officials are excited to share the feedback from those meetings for summaries can obtained at the DCPS website. Th feedback will inform the next DCPS strategic plan and the goals that will guide the school district’s next five years. Meanwhile, DCPS will continue to gather feedback on the draft plan throughout the summer, and will launch the new plan this fall.

School Supply Drive

The Thurgood Marshall Trust Center Trust in Northwest hosts a School Supply Drive from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., Saturday, Aug. 19. Items needed for the back-to-school giveaway include backpacks, paper, pens, glue, crayons and composition books.

To become a sponsor or community partner for the event, contact Stacy Palmer at 202-462-8314.

DCPS Goes to College

When asked why he’s excited for college, Esperant Kazzembe has a reply: “The dream.”

“No one in my family has made it to college,” he said. “I’m looking forward to becoming the example. I want to make sure I can bring hope.”

During his three years at Cardozo High School in Northwest, Esperant took three AP classes and participated in activities such as JROTC and Student Government because he wanted to “build leadership skills and get more discipline.”

He credits Cardozo with helping him with his English skills, though English is just one of the six languages Esperant speaks. After enrolling at the University of Rochester, he plans to study biology to ultimately become a neurosurgeon because he wants to know how the brain interacts with the whole body.

Donja Wilkinson, from Dunbar Senior High School in Northwest, was thrilled when she found out she had been accepted to Georgia State University.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Atlanta, and I loved the diversity and the atmosphere when I visited the campus,” said Donja, who plans to study pre-dentistry to eventually become an orthodontist.

At Dunbar, she participated on the track, volleyball, skiing and bowling teams, and served as a student speaker at assemblies to help motivate her peers.

“The environment [at Dunbar] prepares you, and the teachers are really helpful,” Donja said. “Everyone has positive attitudes, which helps because we’re dealing with a lot of stuff outside of school. We come in here and feel the love. Dunbar is like home.”

Summer Studies Abroad

Several DCPS students traveled this summer to China to see Bao Bao the panda, a former resident of the Smithsonian National Zoological Park in D.C.

The participating students had the opportunity to travel to the Far East on a weeklong all-expenses-paid trip.

Their studies were made possible through the DCPS Study Abroad Program, which is part of the school system’s focus on global education.

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