Leticia Banda will study public health at American University. (DCPS photo)
Leticia Banda will study public health at American University. (DCPS photo)

Leticia Banda is excited about the whole college experience: “Meeting new people, learning how to be independent and finding myself.”

As a District Scholar studying public health at American University, Leticia plans to do that and more when she attends in the fall.

State Board Recommendations

The DC State Board of Education is reviewing recommendations outlined in the ReOpen DC Plan and welcomes DCPS Chancellor Lewis Ferebee for a discussion regarding measures being implemented to reopen schools in a safe and sustainable way.

The State Board will also outline its next steps to assist students and families as they prepare for reopening.

The board will continue its review of the Statewide Accountability Plan and STAR Framework used to evaluate the performance of all D.C. public schools, both DCPS and public charter schools, which promote transparency and provide important information for parents, policymakers, and education stakeholders.

Social Studies Standards Committee

The state board is convening a Social Studies Standards Advisory Committee to draft guiding principles and make recommendations to OSSE on how state standards should be revised and updated to reflect the needs of students and teachers in the District.

After receiving more than 100 applications, the board selected a diverse and knowledgeable group of pre-K-12 teachers and curriculum experts, school district leaders, parents, students, higher education personnel, and experts from organizations in relevant social science fields.

Members of the Social Studies Standards Advisory Committee include:

Alexander O’Sullivan, student, BASIS DC PCS
Alyssa Richardson, student, Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Barbara Davidson, president, StandardsWork, Inc.
Daniel Espinas, teacher, DCPS
Elizabeth A. Worden, associate professor, American University
Emily Brimsek, manager of professional learning, National Center on Education and the Economy
Fadhal Moore, Georgetown University
Jennifer DePaoli, senior researcher, Learning Policy Institute
Jessica A. Rucker, teacher, EL Haynes High School PCS
Karen Hopkins, D.C. area representative, Human Rights Educators USA
Karen Lee, teacher, Thurgood Marshall Academy PCS
Lamar James Bethea, teacher, Statesmen College Preparatory Academy
Laura Fuchs, teacher, HD Woodson High School
Lauren Grimes, founder, The Community Enrichment Project
Maria Marable-Bunch, National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution
Melanie R. Holmes, teacher, MacFarland Middle School
Michael Stevens, director of social studies, Friendship PCS
Molly France, instructional guide, Two Rivers PCS
Molly Sloss, teacher, Capitol Hill Montessori School
Nicolas Ojeda, teacher, Duke Ellington School of the Arts
Rebecca Schouvieller, teacher, DC International School PCS
Reginald L. Williams, teacher, Columbia Heights Education Campus
Sally Schwartz, executive director, Globalize DC
Sarah Buscher, teacher, Janney Elementary School
Scott Abbott, director of Social Studies, DCPS Office of Teaching and Learning
Shelina Warren, teacher, Dunbar High School

School Name Change

The DC History and Justice Collective recently hosted a vigil at Woodrow Wilson High School to call for changing the name of the school.

The name change committee is asking D.C. residents to join them and add their voices and ideas for a new name.

Go to the DC History and Justice Collective website for more information.

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