Ward 8 SBOE Representative Markus Batchelor (left) poses with Paul Kihn, acting deputy mayor for education. (Courtesy of SBOE)
Ward 8 SBOE Representative Markus Batchelor (left) poses with Paul Kihn, acting deputy mayor for education. (Courtesy of SBOE)

Paul Kihn has been nominated by D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser to serve as acting deputy mayor for education.

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Education develops and implements Bowser’s vision for academic excellence and works to create a high-quality education continuum from birth to 24 (from early childhood to K-12 to post-secondary and the workforce).

Teacher Retention

The DC State Board of Education has been working to compile information on teacher retention in the city for several years, including commissioning a report by researcher Mary Levy.

At SBOE’s Oct. 24 public meeting, more than 15 witnesses shared their experience on this issue. Meanwhile, SBOE continues its work on teacher retention, working to identify better ways to collect and use data so that the needs of all teachers are met.

DCPS Goes to College

While most high school students would be preparing for their driving test, Ezechinyere Njoku, who was a senior last year at Benjamin Banneker High School in Northwest, spent his time building an electric car in preparation for the annual Washington DC Electric Vehicle Grand Prix.

As president of the Banneker Electric Car Club, Ezechinyere worked with a team to build a one-person electric vehicle that competed to cover the longest distance in the allotted hour.

During his time at Banneker, Ezechinyere also made time to give back to his Ward 4 community through his involvement in the George Ferris Jr. Clubhouse 6 chapter of the Boys & Girls Club.

His dedication earned him a nomination for National Youth of the Year. However, it was when an after-school teacher provided him with a copy of the book “Gifted Hands” that Ezechinyere was inspired to become a neurosurgeon, a path that he chose to pursue this fall at Bucknell University as a Posse Scholar.

Ezechinyere expressed interested in exploring how people think and how they are shaped into becoming the people they are.

“I really want to get down to the molecular level about how we cognitively think,” he said. “I want to know it all.”

‘Tier 1’ Status

The Latin American Montessori Bilingual Public Charter School in Northwest has achieved “Tier 1” status.

“As a multilingual and multicultural family, a Spanish language and cultural immersion education was important to us,” said Sherrell Pyatt Harrison, patent of a student attending the school. “However, none of our neighborhood schools offer these options. We are fortunate to have had the choice to attend the Latin American Montessori Bilingual PCS.”

‘Blue Ribbon’ School

KIPP DC Promise Academy Public Charter School, which aims to prepare students for college by providing them with the tools to become critical thinkers, has been named one of the 349 2018 National Blue Ribbon Schools.

The award is based on a school’s overall academic performance and progress in closing achievement gaps among student subgroups.

“Our staff’s hard work year after year has resulted in incredible achievements for our kids,” said Principal Erin Huseby. “I am so proud that Promise is not only one of the best schools in Washington, D.C., but one of the best schools in the country.”

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