Students attend Saturday School at Stuart Hobson Middle School in Northeast. (DCPS photo)
**FILE** Students attend Saturday School at Stuart Hobson Middle School in Northeast. (DCPS photo)

Stuart Hobson Middle School in Northeast has opened its doors on Saturdays “for whoever wanted to come.” They made one simple promise: it won’t feel like “school” on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Saturday School facilitators found that students who were the least engaged during the week in regular classes were more eager to attend Saturday School. The students also tended to show a big need, a big sense of belonging and to realize there are people other than their parents and teachers who are invested in their education.

Enrollment Increase

Preliminary School Year 2019-20 numbers mark milestone for DC Public Schools, representing the largest annual growth DCPS has seen in more than 50 years.

Mayor Muriel Bowser and Chancellor Lewis Ferebee recently announced that enrollment in DCPS surpassed 50,000 students for the first time since 2006. DCPS enrollment increased from 49,056 students for the 2018-19 term to 51,060 students in 2019-20, according to preliminary data released on Oct. 22.

“The historic enrollment growth DCPS is seeing is a testament to the incredible work our school leaders and educators do every day to meet the needs of our students,” said DCPS Chancellor Lewis D. Ferebee. “My priority is to provide a great school in every neighborhood at every grade level, and I would like to thank our families for trusting us to ensure their children are receiving a high-quality education.”

Schools showing strong growth compared to last school year:

• Columbia Heights Education Campus (Ward 1) increased by 12 percent.
• Roosevelt STAY High School (Ward 4) increased by 17 percent.
• Coolidge High School (Ward 4) increased by 40 percent.
• Brookland Middle School (Ward 5) increased by 34 percent.
• Eliot-Hine Middle School (Ward 6) increased by 12 percent.
• Sousa Middle School (Ward 7) increased by 19 percent.
• Hart Middle School (Ward 8) increased by 20 percent.
• Anacostia High School (Ward 8) increased by 9 percent.

A Principal’s Pride

“I am proud to be a member of the DCPS community because I am reminded everyday about the power of love and the beauty of hope. There is no better way to be of service than to lead with love,” said C.W. Harris Elementary School Principal Heather Hairston in a message posted on DCPS’ Twitter account.

Chancellor’s Remarks

“At DCPS, one key measure of our success is students’ preparedness to take on the challenges of college and career. Whether students are interested in pursuing a college degree or entering the workforce, we want every student to feel supported and confident as they begin their next chapter of life,” Chancellor Lewis Ferebee states in the school system’s “Personalized Student Guide to Graduation, Career and College for Seniors.” “I am proud that we continue to provide students with access to opportunities to explore their career interests, college-level courses, and the supports they need to thrive on their path to graduation and beyond.”

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