Courtesy of Thurgood Marshall Academy
Courtesy of Thurgood Marshall Academy

Effective July 1, Raymond Weeden Jr. assumes the post of executive director at Thurgood Marshall Academy Public Charter School in southeast D.C.

Weeden most recently worked at the top-performing DC Prep’s Benning Road campus where he served as principal before becoming the school’s director of policy and community engagement.

Weeden has also served as principal at Chavez Parkside Middle School in Northwest, where under his three years of leadership, the school’s proficiency rates rose in reading from 26 percent to 46 percent and in math from 28 percent to 65 percent.

“Mr. Weeden brings extensive leadership and policy experience with the local charter community to Thurgood Marshall Academy,” said Jonathan Stoel, board chair. “With his passion and dedication to public education, [Weeden] will ensure our school continues to fulfill its mission and adheres to its driving principles of community, diversity, democracy/participation and excellence.”

Hard Work and Dedication

Lawrence Davin, a member of the Class of 2014 at KIPP DC College Preparatory Academy Public Charter School, shares his sentiments about graduation:

“Graduating college is a significant achievement in anyone’s life, but particularly for me, it means a great deal being that I am the first in my family to earn a degree. I see it as the culmination of what hard work, dedication, and the right support can do for one’s dreams, as well as motivation to keep pushing in my current role as an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner for 7C02. I honestly don’t think I would have been able to achieve these successes without the support of KIPP DC. They kept college at the forefront of my mind and made me believe there was more out there for a kid like me from southeast DC. As ANC, it’s my goal to do everything I can to make the government work for the people in my community, be the communities voice on issues, and inspire the same belief that fueled my motivation to become the first Davin to graduate from college.”

Positive Life Changes

Diane Boyom, an alumna of Carlos Rosario International Public Charter School, started the program as a way to improve her English skills, learn basic scientific words in the medical field and start building her health care network.

She received her Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) certificate in June 2018 from Carlos Rosario International PCS.

Afterward, through its Nurse’s Aide Training program and scholarship opportunities, Boyom joined the National United Methodist Church and became a student at Kaplan University, where she’s preparing for the Medical Licensing Examination.

“I am thankful for this amazing opportunity, which has positively changed the whole journey of my life,” Boyom said.

Shining Star Gala

Thurgood Marshall Public Charter School’s 2019 “Shining Star Gala” will be held at 6 p.m., Thursday, May 2 at the school, located on Martin Luther King Jr. Avenue SE.

The annual event — which includes a school open house — celebrates TMA’s educators.

The open house provides visitors the opportunity to explore TMA with classroom visits while meeting teachers and staff. For gala ticket and other information, email

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