The D.C. Department of Energy and Environment launched Wednesday a new website that will help residents get centralized information on how to repair, donate and shop secondhand items such as furniture, clothing and other household items.

The ReuseDC website allows users to do such things as search an online map-based directory, explore how to exchange items with neighbors, learn about the importance of food recovery, find an upcoming Fix-It event and discover grant programs.

“The launch of this website illustrates the District’s commitment to achieving zero waste through source reduction and reuse, which are preferred over other forms of waste division such as recycling and composting,” said Tommy Wells, director of DOEE. “Beyond waste division, DOEE recognizes previously owned household items are still valuable and can service our community and create green economic opportunities in the District through the local circular economy.”

Reuse DC works with non-District government organizations vital to the city’s commitment to expanding local donation and reuse resources. Plus, the DOEE’s newly created Reuse DC team gives funds to organizations working with the Donation and Reuse Award Program, established in 2022 in concert with the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

The application for the 2023 Donation and Reuse Award Program is currently open through Dec. 8. For more information, go to

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