Courtesy of WIN via Facebook
Courtesy of WIN via Facebook

Amid racially charged unrest and a worldwide pandemic, the D.C.-based Washington Interfaith Network (WIN) is demanding action on policy to address systemic racism in the country’s economy.

Dozens of clergy and community leaders representing the Washington Interfaith Network on Friday will rally their demands around land, housing and jobs, including the dedication of 250 acres of Reservation 13 and RFK land (both local and federal land) as a land of equity and opportunity.

The event begins 10 a.m. at Metropolitan African Methodist Episcopal Church (1518 M Street NW).

WIN is also challenging the D.C. community to engage tens of thousands of people over the next year to confront racial and economic injustice in their communities and throughout the District.

The organization aims to create a bolder and broader demand around jobs, housing, health, criminal justice reform, and education to build a long-term power agenda for moving forward beyond the coronavirus pandemic.

This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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