Frank Barr (Courtesy of DCOCTFME)
Frank Barr (Courtesy of DCOCTFME)

Award-winning film and television producer Frank Barr has been recognized for his contributions to the local filmmaking community by the DC Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment as February’s Filmmaker of the Month.

Barr, who got his start as a freelance videographer and television producer in Atlanta, later brought his expertise to DC, where his mission was to use hip-hop music and television to inspire social change worldwide from the nation’s capital.

“I have a responsibility to show the politicians that you can’t have an agenda without the artist’s voice … sharing the importance of the message — while also showing the artist that you don’t have art without policies. Both sides (law, art and the creative) are important to each other and must come together,” said Barr, also known for his work on the District of Columbia statehood movement.

Barr’s debut short film, “BE FREE”, received its first award from the first Annual DC Statehood Film Festival in 2019 and its second award as DCTV Voice of the Community.

“BE FREE” was also acknowledged as the theme song of the D.C. statehood effort by community leader and We Act Radio co-founder Kymone Freeman during a statehood mural unveiling.

“The Frankey Barrz Show” airs on DCTV, a forum in which local voices can be seen and heard. His multifaceted talent is expressed through interviewing well-known artists and policy influencers in Chocolate City adding a unique hip-hop twist. Frank recently won the “DCTV Voice of Music & Entertainment” Award for “The Frankey Barrz Show: Art of Film” episode.

Barr said the honor carries extra weight, being that it came during Black History Month.

“I’m so honored to be recognized as the Filmmaker of the Month by the Office of Cable Television, Film, Music and Entertainment,” he said. “Especially for the month of February, I’m proud to represent my culture in this way. This makes me very happy.”

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