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The D.C. Public Service Commission’s biennial report on fuel mix highlights significant achievements in advancing clean energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The report turned over Monday to the D.C. Council details the energy sources utilized by electricity suppliers in the District and reveals that renewable energy accounted for about 16% of the total energy sold in 2022, surpassing the renewable PJM System Mix by 9%.

This data, obtained from fuel mix reports submitted by electricity suppliers, including the default service provider, Pepco, demonstrate significant progress towards advancing the District’s renewable energy goals.

The report shows a substantial reduction in PJM-EIS Average System Mix Emissions. Since 2016, carbon dioxide emissions, a key metric of greenhouse gases, has decreased by approximately 18%.

Nitrogen oxide, a contributor to smog formation and acid rain, exhibited a significant decline of about 56% during the same time frame. Sulfur dioxide, known to adversely affect respiratory health, witnessed a substantial drop of nearly 67% since 2016.

Commission Chairman Emile Thompson said the report “underscores the DCPSC’s commitment to achieving the District’s clean energy objectives.”

“By empowering consumers through initiatives like DC Power Connect, the DCPSC aims to provide comprehensive information on renewable energy options to District residents and businesses,” Thompson said.

The PSC has provided annual updates to the council on fuel mix information for electricity since 2003.

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