Courtesy of DC Health Link
Courtesy of DC Health Link

With customers already poised to receive reduced premiums in May, the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority is also urging D.C. residents to take advantage of potentially saving thousands of dollars per year in health insurance premiums through the American Rescue Plan.

The plan, which will save residents covered through DC Health Link approximately $36 million in health insurance premiums this year, also enables an additional average savings of $146 a month, or nearly $1,800 for 2021.

“The American Rescue Plan is great news for District residents who will qualify for even more affordable premiums — even as low as $2/month,” Diane C. Lewis, DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority chair, said in a statement. “If you are already receiving reduced premiums through DC Health Link, you’ll see extra monthly savings on your May premium.”

Signed into law by President Joe Biden, the plan, for which District residents can now enroll, expands who qualifies for lower premiums and health insurance.

Additionally, residents who received unemployment insurance this year can now pay $264.98 per month without deductibles for the same benefits, the authority said.

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