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Flag of the District of Columbia (Courtesy of dpw.dc.gov)

The District on Tuesday will resume parking restrictions and driving regulations that were suspended last year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

District residents are advised to check whether their vehicle registration is current, the status of their identification and driver’s license and all parking and driving regulations must be followed to avoid getting a ticket, towed or penalized before Tuesday, WUSA-TV (Channel 9) reported.

Here’s what will be enforced as of Tuesday:

All parking enforcement.
Towing of vehicles violating parking zones (plus associated fees).
Street sweeping and SWEEP enforcement.
Vehicles must display valid D.C. registration and inspection stickers.
New tiered residential parking permit fees.
Parking, photo and/ or minor moving violation tickets issued after June 1 will be subject to adjudication hearing timelines listed on the back of the ticket.

Here’s what will be enforced as of July 1:

Booting of vehicles with two or more unsatisfied tickets that are 60 days old.
All D.C. driver’s licenses and ID cardholders must display the valid credential.
Renewal applications accepted for occupational and professional licenses
D.C. medical cannabis program or caregiver registration cards must have a valid expiration date.

Additionally, the Department of Motor Vehicles will have appointments available for residents to address their registration or identification issues.

Residents can also apply for a four-month ticket amnesty program that will allow them to pay tickets that occurred on their vehicle and registration.

Bowser said the program will run from Tuesday to Sept. 30 and that tickets issued before Sept. 30. Through the program, penalties will be waived.

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