Angela James, district manager of the Social Security Administration’s Postal Plaza office in D.C., issued a statement Monday on behalf of the administration assuring that it will provide help to individuals and others in the D.C. community during the coronavirus pandemic.

“While their offices are not providing service to walk-in visitors due to COVID-19, SSA remains committed to providing ongoing benefits and vital services,” James said. “SSA asked me to let you know that they remain ready and able to help you by phone with most Social Security matters. You can speak with a representative by calling their toll-free number 1-800-772-1213 or by calling the local office.”

James said SSA offers many secure and convenient online services, including:

– Apply for Retirement, Disability, and Medicare benefits,
– Check the status of an application or appeal,
– Request a replacement Social Security card (in most areas),
– Print a benefit verification letter, and

“Most business with SSA can be done online, but they know that many people still rely on phone or in-person help,” she said. “That’s why they want you to know you can still count on them by phone. In addition, if you have a critical situation, they cannot help you with by phone or online, they may be able to schedule an appointment for you.”

The phone numbers SSA’s offices in the District of Columbia:

– Anacostia: 866-495-0048
– DC Downtown: 866-708-3255
– Postal Plaza: 866-737-4470

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