I’m James Bryant, aka “DJ Kash Monee”, and I’m in the business for the long haul by pushing my passion of DJ’ng to another level. I first became fascinated with the art and technique of scratching records at the age of 15. I mastered my skills through trial and error and by practicing every day and night.

Now that I’m a certified veteran of the DJ game, I made a commitment to use the wisdom gained, to help enhance the visibility of independent artists by starting my own radio station.

DA BEAT 97.3 LPFM is a dedicated online platform for independent artists to be heard.

My work has been recognized on the Billboard Music Charts, graced the covers of magazines, won numerous awards, and along the way, interviewed countless celebrities, but being the CEO of my own radio station that gives independent artists a platform for success, is by far, my greatest achievement.

Overall, I feel it’s been my love and knowledge of music has been my biggest contributors. You have to have a passion for your craft and dedicate yourself to it.

In addition to running DA BEAT 97.3 LPFM I’m working on launching another station named BlazinSk. BlazinSk will be a radio station – it will be a step up from a normal podcast – that is more uncensored in support of independent artists ways of expression.

I also recently expanded my empire by a partner of 3G Hair Boutique and Soul Creators Café. It is my hope that together we will create community opportunities. Stay tuned!

Tune in and support DA BEAT 97.3 today!  Download the app today! Visit the Google Play Store and download “LIVE365”! After the download is completed please search “DABEAT”, then play and enjoy.

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