In recent years, there has been an increasing number of alliances in which a woman is much older than her companion. Someone looks at this marriage with a grin, someone – with sympathy, and someone is sure in advance that nothing good from this “unequal” marriage will not work. So is there a future for such a relationship?

European sociologists noted that already at the beginning of this century in every third pair, sent under the crown, the bride was older than her chosen one. And in the United States a third of unmarried women meet with younger men. The reason for this is the current emancipation of women. Most often a woman marries a man who is much younger, when she is not at all interested in the material side of the relationship. As a rule, such women were held in a career, provided with housing and stable earnings. Consequently, of a wealthy spouse is not so important to them. It’s no secret that a modern woman can independently nurture and raise children without the help of a man. Therefore, the basic instinct is freed from social strata, and the fair sex entails young and productive representatives of the stronger sex.

Myths About “Unequal” Marriage

The life of such a couple is under the close attention of others, and there are many people who wish to spend all their free time discussing when this union will fall apart. Public opinion is much more loyal to family couples, in which the husband is much older than his wife. Therefore, a woman who decided to associate her fate with a young man, has to go through a lot of prejudices and abandon stereotypes before she ceases to pay attention to the age difference. Let’s try to understand the myths about the “unequal” marriage that society imposes, and understand that they have nothing to do with reality.

The myth that such marriages are made only by material calculation. If a man is a gigolo, it does not depend on age at all. Men of this type will not refuse to live at the expense of a woman until old age. And if the young lover does not have enough money to pay dinner in an expensive restaurant, and he invites a woman into an ordinary inexpensive cafe, this does not make him an alfonso.

The myth that a woman in “unequal” marriages plays the role of mother or nurse. A woman begins to play the role of nannies and housewives with a husband of any age. In this case, most likely, everything will be just the opposite: a young man will try hard to prove that he is already an adult and knows everything in everything.

The myth that sooner or later a man always goes away to a young girl. A man can live in his usual marriage for twenty years, and then go to the girl of the same age as his daughter. Nobody will guarantee the long-term marriage. Therefore, it is better to just live with a loved one without stupid prejudices.

Tips on How to Date Ladies Over 30

Read our practical tips. They are tested on the experience of thousands of men who have managed to build excellent relationships with women who are much older than them. So learn these tips and consider yourself almost ready to date ladies over 30:

Accurately with sex! Remember that she is no longer a high school student. An unkind sign if after having sex with you, her leg hurts regularly and it’s hard for her to bend her back. Most likely, sex eight times a day is not for her. She will stand your sprint pace a couple of weeks (thanks to coffee and Red Bull of course), but then it’s better to move from quantity to quality.

Speak less and listen more. Do not specify how many times she reached orgasm, if you are not ready to hear the truth (although adults do not ask about such things at all). It’s your fellow students can, without blushing, lie about sixteen orgasms in half an hour. A woman who is over 30 respects herself, her partner (that is, you) and the very intimate process. Instead of blatant lies, she’d better tell you why it’s so much nicer to touch here, where else you can kiss her and why you need this weird thing with pimples on the nightstand. And you must be a diligent student – be silent and listen! This is priceless information.

Do not pretend to be very grown-up and cool. Tie instead of hoodies and sneakers New Balance. Glasses for solidity. A briefcase, not a backpack. Buddy, who are you trying to cheat? She liked you without all these attributes of solidity. And if in your place it is not a divorced manager with the dropping hair, this means that glasses, ties and briefcases are not what is currently finds attractive in men.

Do not get hung up on money. No, we do not encourage you to become an alfonso, but there is also no point in overdoing it. Yes, maybe one dish in her favorite restaurant costs like your whole month’s ration. But this does not mean that you must disappear 24/7 at work, if only your lady could afford a foie gras. The solution to the problem is simple: honestly tell her about your financial situation. She will decide what to do about it herself. Better than you.

Keep emotions under control. It is likely that you will be offended by a certain coldness and detachment of your lady. You ran in the middle of the night (!) To the end of the city (!) To give her a bouquet of violets (!) And breathe the scent of her hair (!), And she did not even burst into tears of happiness – oh, woman, do you have a piece of stone instead of your heart?! Relax, buddy. It’s not what you think. She’s just an adult. And adult people a priori dispose of their own emotions more accurately.

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