Jessica Smith, interim director, D.C. Department of Aging and Community Living
Jessica Smith, interim director, D.C. Department of Aging and Community Living

Happy holidays, seniors!  

While it’s always true, the holiday season is a reminder of just how important it is to be around the ones we love. Loved ones are often more than just our family and friends – they are our neighbors, our care providers, and new friends we have yet to meet. Many of those same neighbors, care providers, and new friends will be at the Mayor’s Senior Holiday Celebration! This annual celebration is the perfect place to be surrounded by love, friendship, and fellowship. It’s the place many of you have made lifelong friendships, got enrolled into programs to help you age the way you choose, reconnected with services you haven’t engaged with in a while, and of course danced the afternoon away! 

As the Interim Director, I’m particularly excited for this year’s celebration. We’re going back to the DC Armory and we have so much in store for you. With more than 80 community and government services and a variety of entertainment, this year’s celebration will be nothing short of amazing. And if you’ve never had the experience of hundreds of people lined up cheering and thanking you for coming, I can promise you it’s one experience that’s unforgettable and not to be missed.  

To register, give us a call at 202-727-8955 or visit While vaccinations and masks are not required, we strongly encourage you to get vaccinated and bring your masks. And if you’re not fully vaccinated or in need of a booster, we’ll have a vaccination clinic on site for your convenience, so be sure to stop by to keep you and your loved ones safe this holiday season.  


As we head into the winter season, we’re reminded of what this time of year means for some of us. It can be a time that feels lonely and isolated. But I want you to know that DACL and the entire District Government are here for you and there’s no better time to get connected. To learn about all the activities and events that are available to you, visit us at or call us at 202-724-5626.  

See you December 6! 

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