Dez Bryant's mug shot that was tweeted by reporter Rebecca Lopez of WFAA.

by Akeya Dickson
Washington NNPA Correspondent

The laying on of hands on one’s mother is obviously no bueno. Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant apparently didn’t get the memo, considering he was arrested Monday on charges of misdemeanor domestic violence.

Initially reported by WFAA’s Rebecca Lopez, the story follows that Angela Bryant, the former Oklahoma State University star’s mother, accused her son of “slapping her in the face with a hat, pushing her in the chest and striking her hand.”

Bryant turned himself in after learning of a warrant and released on a $1,500 bond posted by his attorney, Royce West. Click here for details and to hear the audio posted by the Fort-Worth Star Telegram, wherein Angela tells the 911 dispatcher that her son “tried to kill me.”

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