On Dec. 4 the Washington Wizards faced off against the Los Angeles Lakers at home. 

In the opening minutes of the game, guard Bradley Beal suffered a hamstring injury and did not return. He is out for at least a week to recover and will miss the next three games.

The Wizards shot with only 25.4% accuracy from the 3-point line during this game and were outrebounded. Weak interior and perimeter defense allowed Lakers big man Anthony Davis to score 55 points and guard Lonnie Walker IV to shoot 7 for 10 from 3-point range.

This loss puts the Wizards at 11-13 with the projected ninth overall draft pick during the 2023 NBA draft, according to CBS Sports. The team is 3-7 in their past 10 games.

Kyle Kuzma was playing against his former team, who traded him last year in a package deal for Russell Westbrook. “Kuz” played 32 minutes, shooting 10-for-21 from the floor but only 1 for 7 from three-point range. The 6’9 forward took the ball up the court and served as the primary ball handler, as he has in some games this season.

Corey Kispert, in his second season, is shooting over 46% from 3-point range and shot 4 for 6 in this game. Rui Hachimura, Delon Wright and rookie Johnny Davis did not play.

The Wizards will be playing the Tyrese Halliburton-led Pacers in Indianapolis on Friday and the Los Angeles Clippers at home on Saturday. Saturday’s game will be former Wizards star John Wall’s first game back in D.C. since being traded.

WI: What do you think of Kyle Kuzma operating as the primary ball handler in the Wizards offense?

A: “Kyle Kuzma has flourished in the point forward role. He’s still young but he shows more care with the ball than Beal most days.”

– Kofi, Fort Washington

WI: What player currently on the Wizards would you like to see traded to your favorite team and why?

A: “Bradley Beal because he’s a three-level scorer and has been one of the best at his position over the past several years, but doesn’t get a lot of recognition due to him playing with the Wizards who aren’t title contenders.”

– Mike, Glenn Dale

WI: What can the Wizards do to maximize their existing talent?

A: “Defense, better decisions when on offense, and finding ways to capitalize on a run to keep the momentum going can help keep that consistency. They have a good team and their record isn’t too bad so seeing each player bring their strengths to the court will help the team excel.”

– Greg, Bowie

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