Everybody has witnessed those TV commercials which feature a vivacious spokesperson from the local mattress store, telling them that their mattress could double its weight in 10 years. Thus, one needs a new one. However, does this take place in reality?

The concept behind the claim is quite true. Mattresses gain weight over time as they can absorb colonies of dust mite, dead skin, moisture, and oil. But definitely, if a mattress is gaining a lot of weight as fast as 10% each year, someone would have researched the heft. Or probably mattresses would begin breaking bed frames with their heaviness. Seemingly not.

How Did the Rumor Begin?

In 2005, a famous Facebook user George Takei published a post which connected to a list of shocking facts. The link presented a captioned image that the weight of mattresses doubles each year, a statement credited to the accumulation of dust mite and its droppings.

While the viral spread of that story presented the claim to a lot of Facebook users, the belief is far from the new Facebook posts regarding bedding adding twice in weight over a ten-year time have been circulating on the world wide web since 2000.

Is this True? Or Just a Fake News?

According to Glen Needham, an entomologist at Ohio State University, to the best of his knowledge, there’s no certain answer to the query of dust mite and mattress weight. Karin Mahoney, a spokesperson of the International Sleep Products Association, said that she’d heard that mattresses double in weight every eight years or so. But she’s not aware of any scientific research which backs it up. She added that it is recognized that beds are a home for dust mites where 1/3 of their ruthless life takes place.

Further, according to the papers written by the Ohio State University, a commonly used mattress might have 100 thousand to ten million mites inside. 10% of the weight of a 2-year old pillow contains dead mites and their droppings. Mites prefer moist, warm surroundings like the inside of a mattress if someone is on it.

One of their preferred foods is dead skin, and human shed at least 1/5 of an ounce of the stuff each week. Some of which ends up flaking into the mattress. In fact, about 80% of the material seen moving in a sunbeam is chips of dead skin.

To sum up, no proof – credible or otherwise – seemed to support the weight gain of the mattress claim.

Upgrading Your Mattresses

Your mattress is far likelier to need replacement because of wear and tear than added weight of debris and dust mites. Upgrading your mattresses is a simple but essential lifestyle change. You can also visit and ask a local mattress store location near you about free delivery. You can now sleep better knowing you made an excellent investment.

A lot of sites offer a wide array of collection of premium mattress review at different prices, including pillow top, hybrid, latex, and memory foam mattresses.

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