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By Askia Muhammad

Donald J. Trump is a tin-horn riverboat gambler living in the presidential mansion who would have people believe he’s a big winner and a bad-ass-guy, so you better not mess with him.
In the cowboy movies I watched growing up, some gamblers were known as “four-flushers” – that is poker players who, in a “five card stud” game, with four cards visible and one card down, appear to have a nearly unbeatable hand, because the four visible cards were all in the same suit. Five cards in the same suit amount to a “flush” which is a pretty strong hand.
Unless you knew your hand was better than a flush, most gamblers would not bet against a four-flush because the other player just might have that fifth card of the same suit. The four-flusher wins when the opponents throw in their hands, and the winner never has to show whether he had it or didn’t. That’s Trump’s modus operandi.
He claims to be a billionaire but won’t reveal his tax returns. We already know (keeping with the riverboat gambler theme) that he owned a casino and bankrupted it. How can anyone possibly lose money in an operation where suckers come in every day to give away their money, hoping for a chance to beat the house, knowing that the house always wins? But The Donald managed to actually lose a casino.
He ran a university which was shut down for scamming the public while offering absolutely no education. He says he’s smarter than everyone but refuses to reveal any of his school transcripts. Now, his niece, a Ph.D. psychologist reveals that he even paid someone to take his college entrance examination.
He claims now to love the U.S. military so-o-o much but he paid a crooked doctor to claim that he had bone spurs and was physically unfit to serve in the armed forces during the Vietnam War. He’s a draft dodger.
In fact, no one in his family, from his father, to his siblings, to his children have ever served one day in uniform. And yet he comes off the Marine One helicopter and salutes the guard at the bottom of the ramp, who is required to salute him given his current role as commander-in-chief. And he stands and salutes when the Star-Spangled Banner is played. How silly. He’s such a phony, four-flusher.
Other, similarly military-deficient presidents have done the same thing, saluting when they shouldn’t so they might appear to be more soldier-like than they are. But Dwight Eisenhower, who was a five-star, General of the Army in combat (you can’t get any higher than that as the top rank is usually four-stars), never saluted when he hung up his uniform; nor did John F. Kennedy, a Navy PT Boat skipper; nor did Jimmy Carter, a Navy submarine commander. The proper protocol during those occasions is for civilians to place their right hand over the heart.
And then Trump mocks the generals claiming to know more than any of them and scoffs at their intelligence. Two retired generals who served in top positions in his administration have denounced him. Four-star General James Mattis, who was his former Defense Secretary said he’s “a threat to the Constitution.” Four-star General John Kelly, his former Chief of Staff, stood by Mattis, not Trump.
Now, despite the fact that the top military brass have said that U.S. military bases should not be named after Confederate soldiers because the Confederate rebels committed treason, leading troops in war against the U.S., Trump has since threatened to veto the current defense authorization bill if it contains language requiring the names to be changed.
He’s four-flushing. Pass the bill Congress! Make him veto the Pentagon funding. He won’t do it. He can’t do it. He’s chicken. He can’t get away with it if Congress stands up and does the right thing. Even Robert E. Lee, the venerated Confederate commander was considered a traitor and his U.S. citizenship was not restored for his betrayal until more than 100 years after his death.
If Congress would just stand up to that tin-horn we would all see that he’s bluffing, with a lousy hand, just like everything he’s touched throughout his life which has turned out to be manure rather than gold.
He will always remain an impeached president. He just four-flushed the Senate into not removing his rancid hull from office.
He’s a hopeless narcissist who thinks his likeness should be on Mt. Rushmore instead of on a bathroom tissue roll, or on a wanted poster in the U.S. Post Office.
Don’t be bluffed by that cheap grifter. Stand up to him. He’s a phony four-flusher who should be frog-marched out of the White House and out of the pages of U.S. history.

Askia Muhammad

WPFW News Director Askia Muhammad is also a poet, and a photojournalist. He is Senior Editor for The Final Call newspaper and he writes a weekly column in The Washington Informer.

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