(Star Pulse) – Lana Del Rey could practically taste her second no. 1 album – that is until Drake and Future totally ‘killed her vibe’ with surprise mixtape, What A Time To Be Alive.  Expectedly, the superstar hip-hop collaboration was too much for the moody, alt-pop singer to overcome. In other words, her Honeymoon in the ‘penthouse’ wasn’t meant to be.  Okay, okay, enough puns!

Drake and Future took top honors on the Billboard 200, to the tune of 375,000 units – WOW! This doesn’t outpace Drake’s earlier no. 1 album If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late or the juggernaut that was The Weeknd’s Beauty Behind The Madness, but it definitely gives the unstoppable rapper one of the biggest debuts of 2015.  As for Future, this is the biggest week of his career, easily outselling his recent chart topper, DS2, no slouch in itself.  Face it folks, these dudes are killing it!

Lana Del Rey comes up short compared to last year’s Ultraviolence.  That particularly album shockingly beat Sam Smith to the top spot, though Smith more than made up for it.  Honeymoon debuts at #2 with more modest numbers.  Don’t let the ‘modest’ part allow Del Rey to be written off – she still powered in with 116,000 units, with more than 90% of those being pure sales.  Honeymoon not so dreary after all, right?


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