(E-Week) – Enterprise cloud storage services are plentiful for those seeking them out. There are dozens of companies that promise secure cloud storage, and many of them deliver outstanding services.

But two—Box and Dropbox—stand out because they have been able to differentiate themselves by establishing loyal fan bases and including important features that appeal to corporate users. They also stand out because they are primarily data storage services rather than massive cloud services companies, such as Microsoft and Amazon, that also provide data storage. Box and Dropbox are vying for many of the same customers and have been going toe-to-toe for years to win new ones.

Still, there are companies that may be choosing between the two providers and have yet to pick the service that best fits their needs.

This slide show highlights some key enterprise-focused features for both Dropbox and Box to help companies choose which one to go with. Box and Dropbox are fine services for enterprise customers, but choosing one over the other may not be as easy as one might think. Read on to learn more about the key enterprise features built into Box and Dropbox.


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