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Students from Bard High School Early College in Southeast contributed their views on Earth Day and why it is important to protect the earth. 

1. Gernise Johnson

Bard High School Early College

Protecting our Earth is important because the Earth can only continue if we protect its biodiversity. Our Earth provides us with food and water to sustain life. To survive, we depend on our planet Earth to live. We must protect the Earth, the place in which we live. Earth is where life is possible. To protect our Earth, we should reduce, reuse and recycle. We should cut down on what we throw away. We should volunteer for clean-ups in our community. Small steps could lead to BIG progress!

2. Ron’May Jackson

    Bard High School Early College

    The Earth is a wonderous place! It gives the plants life. It allows us to live on it so that we can prosper, grow, and do new things. What do we give it in return … pollution, toxic gasses, and man-made forest fires. The Earth makes us cold. The Earth keeps us warm in the summer. Just because we are dissatisfied with what goes on with our Earth does not mean we should treat her any way we want. Love the Earth. Cherish the Earth. Happy Earth Day!

    3. Kaidyn Aull

    Bard High School Early College

    I have mixed emotions about the Earth. I don’t like how my people treat it because it stems from us. Trash is everywhere, in the parks, rivers, and so much more. I feel like, as a community, we can do a lot better with how we treat the Earth, because things are getting worse day by day. We can do different things like have community service-based cleaning of neighborhoods and river banks, as well as recycling items in the home. The Earth is our home. We want it to be here for us.

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