A new CareerBuilder survey says low-wage jobs will grow the fastest over the next five years — bad news for occupations that support a middle-class lifestyle.

While technology and globalization are expected to continue reshaping the labor market, particularly among mid-wage factory and office jobs, low-wage positions will see the greatest increase by 3 million, or 5.57 percent, through 2022.

In addition, CareerBuilder, along with its research arm, Economic Modeling Specialists, International, projects high-wage jobs to increase by 2.7 million, 5.1 percent and middle-wage positions growing by 2.2 million, or 4.1 percent.

Nearly half of the 302,930 jobs estimated to be lost during the period will come from mid-wage jobs. Low- and high-wage jobs have been forecast to account for a quarter of the job losses which collectively make up one-third of all U.S. jobs.

Other trends include: the spread of e-commerce and an aging population that will increase the demand for more health services and shape the changing employment landscape.

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