Prince George's County Schools CEO Kevin Maxwell (Courtesy photo)
Prince George's County Schools CEO Kevin Maxwell (Courtesy photo)

School administrators in Prince George’s County have been accused of tampering with the grades of students in efforts to increase promotions and boost graduation rates. PGCPS CEO Kevin Maxwell has denied allegations of any systematic effort to promote students while also requesting the Maryland State Board of Education to conduct a thorough review. All 14 members of the Prince George’s school board along with Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan have requested a review of the allegations by an independent, third-party investigator.

A letter reportedly written to Gov. Hogan states, “Whistleblowers at almost every level in Prince George’s County Public Schools have clear and convincing evidence that PGCPS has graduated hundreds of students who did not meet the Maryland State Department of Education graduation requirements.”

Even parents have weighed in on the allegations offering personal testimonies about their children who should not have passed a course but did.

There is something less than ideal in the ranking of PGC Schools that show a high graduation rate and a very low college readiness rate. Why, pray tell, would students be pushed through high school, ill-equipped to continue their academic training elsewhere or to get a job, especially a decent, well-paying one.

Those individuals who will be tasked to investigate this matter should be immediately identified and required to move post-haste to complete their work long before the school year opens in August. The stigma alone will play a large part in the academic performance of next year’s graduating class, not to mention the impact a positive finding would have on staffing at various PGC high schools.

Some have described this fiasco as purely political while others are overcome with the constant stream of negative news pouring out of the Prince George’s County Public Schools. Persistent allegations of school aids, bus drivers and teachers molesting students, along with bus drivers accused of various forms of misconduct, and a school board member being accused of misusing the free lunch program are evidence of a school system run amok.

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