EDITORIAL: After the Great Purge and Purify, Who’ll Be Left to Stand With America?

For centuries, America has taken great pride in being that beacon on the hill, the bastion of democracy, the sole solution for those in search of a place free of oppression. Yes, we’ve touted all kinds of slogans saluting our willingness to include the masses of the world.

But that’s not what we see unfolding today as a new mode of thinking and existing has become the battle cry of America. Instead of being a country that embraced the benefits that come from our unique assortment of diversity, we’ve adopted a new set of attitudes and tuned in to other voices, like sheep to the slaughter, where isolationism, jingoism and perhaps even blond, blue-eyed patriotism have emerged as the American way of life.

Maybe we should go ahead and take down Lady Liberty who stands on the shores of New York City where she once lit the path for immigrants, mostly of European descent, who wanted a better way of life and believed in the American rhetoric of equal opportunity.

Men, women and children from Spanish-speaking nations are already experiencing the “purge factor” initiated by the current administration. They’re living in a paralyzing form of fear similar to that of the Jews during the days of Hitler or our fellow Japanese-Americans during World War II. Recent news reports indicate that a surge of asylum-seeking Haitians are the latest victims and are fleeing to Canada before they’re deported back to their homeland where death is inevitable, either at the hands of revengeful politicians and crooked police or because of disease and hunger.

The tongue-in-cheek recommendation Haitians received from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security last May: while it would extend immigration protections for almost 60,000 Haitians living in the U.S. for more than six months, they were “urged” to start returning home.

It doesn’t take a college degree to understand what’s going on in America. Diversity has become a four-letter word. And while the recent policy of “purge and purify” may have initially shined a light on people named Juan and Julio, this fast-moving wave is sure to capture hundreds of thousands, if not millions of others. We just wonder when and if the dust clears, what America will then look like.

Perhaps blacks should get ready to accept free, one-way tickets ships that will take us back to Africa – a continent we know little about filled with natives with whom we have little in common, except for the color of our skin and the tautness of our hair.

America may like to believe that it’s still that beacon on the hill, but it may soon find itself standing there without any friends if we don’t end this foolishness — all alone.


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