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President Donald Trump shared another of his lackluster tweets earlier this week, this time extending his prayers for victims of the latest “horrific shootout” in Jersey City.

But for the six people killed, including a police officer, in a gun battle Tuesday at a New Jersey cemetery and a kosher supermarket, forcing officials to lockdown the Jersey City schools, a friendly tweet just doesn’t cut it.

As the investigation continues, it’s still unclear whether this is just another act of terrorism, an example of irrational outrage or an incident where victims were targeted.

But we’re unconvinced that anything will change related to gun policies in the U.S., no matter what law enforcement learns about the shooter or shooters and what motivated them to act. After all, just days before in Pensacola, after a Saudi military pilot killed three and wounded several others at a naval air station, Florida Governor Ron De Santis pointed to a loophole for foreign nationals while remaining adamant in his support of the Second Amendment … for Americans, of course.

Back in Jersey City, leaders celebrate the fact that no students or staff were harmed in the School District of Jersey City or from the Catholic school also placed on lockdown in the midst of the melee. However, the mental harm has yet to be assessed. And that’s what will be even more difficult to determine for many years to come.

America must one day come to terms with its obsession with the right to bear arms which does little or nothing to protect the innocent.

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