Another school shooting has occurred, and this time two innocent people, a female teacher and a 15-year-old student were killed by the gunman who also died of injuries received during an encounter with police. This time, the incident occurred at a performing arts school in St. Louis, Mo. The gunman, reportedly a Black male, age 19, entered the school carrying an AR-15-style rifle, 600 rounds of ammunition, and a note saying “I don’t have any friends. I don’t have any family.”

According to reports, this is the 40th school shooting this year, and they all come in the wake of the Valdez, Texas school shooting where police officers have since been fired for not doing enough, soon enough to protect the 19 students killed by the 18-year-old attacker.

The situation is daunting in light of statistics by Education Week confirming that a total of 40 school shootings occurred in 2022 resulting in injuries and death. There have been 122 people killed or injured, 34 killed, 28 students or other children killed, and six school employees or other adults killed. 

In most cases, the gunman was a young male, with some sort of emotional or psychological problem, and with access to high-powered weapons and a whole lot of ammunition. This is definitely a recipe for death and mayhem, and sadly the targets are also children.

Once again, Americans want solutions to stop the killing, especially in schools, and we all are searching for answers as to why kids are so angry that they want to kill and are willing to be killed themselves. What will it take to make schools safe and havens for children that deserved to be protected?

Let’s just see what the politicians and gun advocates have to say this time. It’s time to stop talking and commit to making schools safe again for all children and adults that support them.

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