A voter takes advantage of the DCCC's "Cycle of Engagement Initiative" which provides greater access to voting for people of color. (Courtesy of DCCC)
Courtesy of DCCC

Primaries elections are fast approaching in the DMV with both the District’s and Maryland’s voters readying themselves for Tuesday, June 2 while those in Virginia will have their say on June 23.

But with all that’s been going on in the U.S. over the past several months with COVID-19, unprecedented deaths and stay-in-place orders, many eligible voters may have forgotten about the pending local elections — or simply may not care at all.

So, we’re reminding our readers, our communities, our colleagues — everyone who can — to make sure you’ve registered, assuming the date for respective place of residence hasn’t already passed, and to make sure you vote!

There are a lot of changes with the electoral process this cycle with the emphasis on voting my mail being the most significant. Some voters have already grown accustomed to requesting absentee ballots and dropping their ballot in the mail but others may find this process a bit too cumbersome — even confusing. Still, that’s no excuse to opt out. After all, one thing that’s certain about life is that everything does change — must change.

However, it’s apparent that a large number of Americans, no matter where they lay their heads, have long grown weary of being forced to stay home, to wear masks and overwhelmed with businesses, schools and former places of employment being shuttered — savings accounts ravaged and some jobs seemingly gone for good.

It’s therefore understandable that our focus has shifted to the nation returning to some semblance of normalcy and that the changes which have occurred at mind-blowing speed which we have faced and continue to endure, and how we adjust to them, may be more relevant than being concerned about voting in the upcoming primary elections.

In a recent Politico report, the writer suggested that while Donald Trump may hitch his star on reminding voters what he’s “done for us lately” — getting the nation back to work and reducing the unemployment rate — his opponent, Joe Biden, will want voters to evaluate what has Trump done for them over the last four years.

Your answer will inevitably determine who you’ll choose in the general election when America chooses its next president.

But for now, we need to make sure our voices are heard in primary elections where voters will decide not only who will lead their communities as council members but will choose those men and women who will serve as judges, school board representatives, and more.

So while we celebrate the reopening of America, we want Black folks to keep in mind that voting — that is who we chose to lead in various public positions — will affect our lives for the next four years — if not longer.

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