During the July Fourth weekend, we typically see an increase in BOTH fireworks-related accidents and reports of injuries or deaths from stray bullets that strike innocent victims because of revelers shooting their firearms.

This year, we hope that residents in the District and around the region will be more prudent in the ways they celebrate the holiday.

Certainly, we have many reasons to spread our wings, enjoy the sunshine and even gather with a small, select group of family members and friends during the holiday weekend.

After all, it’s been one heck of a year with the pandemic putting a halt on our lives. But with variants of COVID-19 spreading, the threat of more infections and deaths have health officials concerned. So, we should still maintain protocols established by the CDC including wearing masks, keeping safe distances from others and being sure you and those around you are fully vaccinated.

Many Americans plan to take to the roads for the long weekend, anxious to get out of their homes and enjoy the fresh air. Others will hold small cookouts in local parks on in their backyards. And in many cities, there will be parades or firework displays.

No matter what your plans, we urge citizens to remember to be smart and to be safe.

Children playing with fireworks don’t need to lose a finger, an eye or their lives.

And no one deserves to be struck by an errant bullet because someone was foolish enough to shoot off a round of bullets into the air. Remember, what goes up must come down.

Happy July Fourth to all. But don’t use the holiday as an excuse for being irresponsible or outright foolish.

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This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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