Donald Trump may still have plans to resume one of his favorite activities this weekend – campaigning where he’s guaranteed a throng of ardent supporters. But we wouldn’t advise anyone who’s concerned about their health, well-being or life to shuffle off to Tulsa on Saturday.

That’s because despite the District and all 50 states in the U.S. now in various reopening phases, coronavirus infection rates have already begun to surge in 16 states. Based on an ominous forecast just released by the University of Washington, if our habits remain the same and we insist upon the rush back to “normal,” we can expect the U.S. to exceed 200,000 deaths from COVID-19 by October.

The president promises that everyone who attends his campaign rally in Tulsa will have access to free gloves, face masks and hand sanitizer – but there’s no word on whether attendees will be required to comply with these safer practices. However, it’s been announced that the 19,000-capacity arena has sold out with another venue next door prepared to take the overflow.

Sounds like the kind of situation to avoid at all costs. But that’s just our opinion. Meanwhile, it seems like our patience has worn thin as more and more Americans throw caution to the wind.

In New York, Tennessee and Arizona, recently opened “water holes” have been packed with thirsty patrons, many of whom have been seen not wearing masks and jammed to the walls. Texas has seen record-number hospitalizations of those suffering from COVID-19 while others continue to ignore any recommended practices related to social distancing. And in Miami, it looks like the much-celebrated reopening of bars, bistros and beaches may have been premature as Florida just recorded over 10,000 new infections in just one week’s time.

Elvis may have left the building but COVID-19 is still here, wreaking havoc as it pleases in cities large and small.

We urge our readers to be smart, be safe and beware. And tell your friends, too.

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