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With the predominately white voting states of Iowa and New Hampshire out of the way, the remaining Democratic presidential hopefuls must now venture into territories where primary voters will be more diverse. Former President Joe Biden was so anxious to speak directly to his African-American and Latino supporters in South Carolina, that he abruptly left New Hampshire long before the news broke that he came in fifth place in Tuesday’s primary. Biden, who showed he is down but not out of this race yet, made it plain that “no” successful candidate can win this election without the support of African-American and Latino voters. We concur; your vote counts and it will make the difference in this year’s critical and historic election.

No matter which of the seven-remaining major Democratic candidates receive the party nomination at the National Democratic Convention in July, Democrats and other supporters must enthusiastically rally behind their candidate if they want a victory against incumbent President Donald Trump. What they have witnessed with Trump’s supporters who show no shame in demonstrating their passion and enthusiasm towards allowing him four more years, will require the other side to be equally as demonstrative. Black and Latino voters cannot sit on the sidelines or be reticent about their Democratic nominee, because their votes can and will make a difference.

With a much less crowded field, now that Michael Bennett and Andrew Yang dropped out of the race on Tuesday, it will be easier to hear the candidates’ messages. African Americans and Latinos must translate the spoken and unspoken words expressed by the candidates and listen for themes that directly impact them. Records say a lot, as well, including the explanations candidates will offer for making unpopular decisions.

This election is any man or woman’s race to win. In the end, the winners must be the voters, especially African Americans and Latinos, who have as much at stake, if not more, than anyone else in the outcome of this 2020 election. Your vote matters.

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