Courtesy of Ballou Senior High School via Twitter
Courtesy of Ballou Senior High School via Twitter

Officials at Ballou Senior High School face allegations that they allowed students to graduate who were chronically absent while others who received their diplomas could barely read and write.

Ironically, the school’s principal was just removed from her post — less than a week after D.C. Public Schools Chancellor Antwan Wilson gave the principal, Yetunde Reeves, his vote of approval.

Meanwhile, the school system and the Office of the State Superintendent of Education continue to conduct investigations to determine what may have gone wrong at the Southeast Washington high school.

Our children need to be educated. They need to earn their diplomas. And most important, they need to be well-prepared to assume their place in the world — certainly with the ability to negotiate their way with the ability to read and write at an acceptable level of proficiency.

Youth in Ward 8 face more than their share of obstacles. No one would doubt that. But it should not matter where a child receives their education in the District. Children in every ward deserve to receive a quality education.

We only hope that when the dust clears, officials conducting their investigations will not find that youth have been promoted and allowed to graduate without having received the skills they need to become gainfully-employed adults.

If they were the recipients of “social promotion,” then a real travesty has been performed. And that would be a real crime.

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