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Social media feeds throughout August to early September are often filled with students’ firsts, from the first day of pre-kindergarten to doctors’ first day of residency.

These posts normally feature students smiling, donning a new wardrobe and fresh hairstyles, and holding creative signs that feature information sections, such as: name, age, date, school, teacher, grade, and career goal.

If you’re like me, you smile and like the posts because, well, they’re super adorable and you’re incredibly proud of students embarking on another year of study.

However, there are folks out there who can use such information to endanger you, your student(s) and family, the school or more.

That’s why certain police departments took to social media to remind folks the proper way to make such posts.

Law officials argue to forget the last name, school, grade, age, or teacher, but feel free to include students’ first names, the date and fun career goals.

Your true friends on social media will completely understand why you’re protecting your children and family.

Further, nobody needs to know that other information.

So, Washington Informer readers, protect your students and have a great school year.

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