Donald Trump speaks at CPAC in Washington, D.C., on Feb. 10, 2011.
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From day one, Donald Trump has been a nightmare to America. He proved to be as toxic to the American people as a local drug dealer is in the communities they occupy. By promoting, or pushing the lie that he would make “America great again,” Trump convinced voters – whites, Latinos, Blacks and others – to support his perilous, COVID-19 super-spreader bid for reelection. In the end, he received more than 74 million votes, according to reports, from those duped into believing “what the hell do you have to lose?” by supporting him.

After four years of ineffectively tackling issues impacting Americans and people worldwide, and nearly one month since his departure from office on Jan. 20, victims who swallowed the “Trump pill” are suffering more today than they were before he entered the White House. His ultimate desire, however, has not changed: to make money for himself, to acquire more power and to lead people into places where he will not go.

That’s what he did on Jan. 6 when he instigated an insurrection in the nation’s capital, directing his troops to “charge” but staying back. He ultimately caused five people’s death and criminal charges levied against hundreds more, all while he continues to stoke the flames after playing golf on his private course in Florida.

Meanwhile, the FBI and other law enforcement officials continue to track down Trump’s peddlers at the expense of U.S. taxpayers who are footing the bill to house these lackeys in places as near as the D.C. Jail. Still, despite arrests, convictions, loss of jobs and income, and even death, it seems that those who have come under Trump’s spell simply cannot cut the strings. In fact, most Senate Republicans proved to be Trump’s greatest allies when they voted not to convict him for inciting a riot, although many acknowledged he did – after the vote, that is.

With all that said, we agree with D.C. Congressperson Eleanor Holmes Norton that there must be some action Congress can take to give Trump a strong message to end his game now. Norton is calling for Trump to be censured. “It is the only method available now to send a bipartisan, bicameral message to the country and the world that the U.S. is a nation of laws and it’s the only avenue left to prevent Trump from holding public office again.”

We stand by Mrs. Norton and affirm that Trump needs to know that his business is no longer welcomed here. America will remain great despite him and not because of him.

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