It’s as if someone asked if American politics get any worse. Then came Tuesday night’s first presidential debate held in front of a live audience of 100 at Case Western Reserve in Cincinnati, Ohio. Millions of people across the nation and worldwide watched the outrageous scene throughout the live broadcast.

President Donald Trump stooped so low to the point that some would say he showed off his rear end in what was no less than an attempted schoolyard brawl against his opponent, former Vice President Joe Biden, who stood firm against Trump’s bullying.

While many Americans have already decided on their candidate, hundreds more have already begun to cast their ballots. The debate was only a means towards locking in their decision based on the candidates’ responses to issues impacting their health, wallets, civil and human rights, the Supreme Court’s future, and the election’s integrity. Mission failed.

Organizers can blame the moderator Chris Matthews, of FOX News, who ultimately lost control of the program despite his repeated attempts to rein in Trump. But last night’s Biggest Loser was Trump, who refused to answer questions including whether he believed in the science behind global warming, whether he was honest about COVID-19 and the arrival of a vaccine, and whether he would accept the results of the Nov. 3 election.

Trump continues to try to raise doubts among the American voters about whether a clean and fair election is possible and whether their ballots, received by mail, will be deemed fraudulent, especially if he loses. He went even further to stoke racism and violence when asked if he would denounce white supremacist groups. He responded, “Of course. I’d say, ‘Proud Boys, stand back and stand by.’” An article published in Politico, immediately following the debate, reported that Trump’s comments “were embraced by the Proud Boys, an alt-right self-described western chauvinist group who clearly viewed it [Trump’s remark] as a call to action.”  

In recent years, The Washington Informer decided not to engage in political endorsements and believed laying our candidates’ stances on issues guides voters towards the best choice for them. However, after four years of ridiculousness and last night’s fiasco, we must strongly urge every voter, regardless of party affiliation, to stand up for democracy and vote Biden-Harris on Nov. 3. Enough is enough!

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