Rolling out the welcome mat for the Biden-Harris administration while closing the door on the Trump administration has most definitely generated a sigh of relief from politicians and voters alike all across the nation. The enthusiasm was tepid. The impact of a global pandemic that has proven deadlier in the U.S. than any other place in the world contributed to the fact the new administration is unproven, but for the role the former senators played in supporting national and state legislation and determining how the law would impact those accused of abusing it.

For Black voters, especially, to have a Black woman in the White House holding a position of power as the second in command is outstanding, but what more can they expect from her.

The nation watched as President Biden spent the afternoon in the White House, immediately after being inaugurated, signing executive orders ranging from refocusing on the climate crisis to revising immigration enforcement policies to requiring mask-wearing on federal property and ending the ban on U.S entry from majority-Muslim countries. On day two of the new administration, Biden continued to sign more executive orders addressing the nation’s COVID-19 crisis. They ranged from the reopening of schools to allowing states to use the National Guard in response to COVID-19 efforts. He also established a COVID-19 Health Equity Task Force to ensure funds distributed to fight the pandemic do not perpetuate disparities in outcomes.

Yes, the president’s signing hand has been extremely busy setting a new tone for America and ensuring Black Americans are not left out. Often with Vice President Harris standing nearby, the president’s orders promote racial equity in all federal agencies, a topic Trump sought to prohibit. Biden has gone even further by banning discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. He ordered a pause on federal student loan payments, reversed a military ban on transgender people, ended the federal government’s reliance on private prisons and expanded food assistance programs. He is even moving forward on placing the image of Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill.

With these actions, the Biden-Harris administration has provided reasons to feel optimistic that the American voter’s concerns will be heard and addressed. Each day they offer reasons to grow more excited that a new day is occurring now in America.

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This correspondent is a guest contributor to The Washington Informer.

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